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Stoney Lake

Gorgeous Stoney Lake was of interest to loggers who arrived in the early 1800s followed by settlers and miners. Today, Stony Lake is enjoyed by seasonal and year-round residents, boaters, and sport fishermen. Several century-old cottages remain on the lake.

Stoney lake is big and beautiful with a surface area approximately 2800 hectors (6918 acres) maximum depths of up to 32m (105 feet) and average depth of about 5.9m (19 feet).

There are a couple options for boat launches first at Crowes Landing-2374 Crowe’s Landing rd. and McCracken’s Landing – 2281 McCracken’s Landing rd.

Some of the major fish species that can be found in this lake include Small and Largemouth bass, muskie, walleye, yellow perch, black crappie, bluegill, cisco, and whitefish.

An interesting place to visit in the summer would be Warsaw Caves Conservation Area.

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