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Kasshabog Lake

Kasshabog Lake is in the Great Lakes Basin, and is home to a cottaging community, including game fishing, a marina and lodges.

Notwithstanding many lakes in the province have an association. Kasshabog Lake in the Kawartha’s has its own association.  The Lake Kasshabog Residents Association is a great resource for anyone visiting the area or looking to purchase waterfront property.

Kasshabog Lake has soft, slightly acidic water with a moderately low amount of apparent colour. The hardness, alkalinity, and conductivity levels indicate the lake is well mixed. The irregular shaped lake is dotted with dozens of islands and shoals, channels, drop offs, weed beds and bays.

Did you know there is a small public beach area that is a hidden gem on this lake.  There are also gravel based public launches located off of Blue Mountain Rd. 9 on the southeast side.  There is another launch at the end of Peninsula Rd. which runs along the south side of MacDonald Bay.

The surface area of Lake Kasshabog is approximately 810 hectors (2,000 acres) with a max depth is around 35m (115 feet). The average depth of the lake is approximately 4.6m (15feet).

Surprisingly an unknown tidbit is that Lake Kasshabog is a land locked lake.  It has its water levels controlled by a dam.  The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority monitors lake level as well as operates the dam on behalf of the MNRF.  You can learn more about the history of this dam by visiting the Lake Kasshabog Residents Association site and follow to Lake Kasshabog Dam.

Major fish species include Small and Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Walleye, and Rock Bass.

If you are just visiting or a long time resident be sure to spend some time at the Petroglyph Provincial Park. This Park is where you can find indigenous rock carvings dating back over 1000 years.  There are hiking trails, a visitor centre offering an overview of local history on the area and cultures who settle the area.

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